Losing count of the strikes

Cheryl already thinks I’m crazy. Who doesn’t by now? Get in line. The latest chapter in “I haven’t got a clue how your mind works” is my desire to get a case for my iPhone. Sounds pretty reasonable, right? Oh, all right, I’ll admit I’ve already got a case I love. But I only love it sometimes. It’s perfect when I’m at home, when I just want to put it down. The thick leather rim in front is just enough to keep the device from laying down on it’s glass face. It’s thin enough to not be obtrusive, yet just thick enough to give it a little extra padding for those times it gets a little jostle around the house.

And it’s not at all what I want for carrying it around at work. For work I want a hip holster. Bulky objects in pockets tend to get bent, and the last thing I want to do is put a crease in a $200 phone. I want something where it will lay sideways on my hip, so it’s not in the way when I bend over. I don’t want a case with a built-in clip. Those things are a nuisance – I don’t care where you are. By the time you work the funky clip off your belt (seemingly welded on), your call has gone to voicemail. The phone is just as likely to end up across the room as in my ear (I tend to throw first and ask questions later.) Nope, a holster is the only way to go. But not at home. Who wants to carry a phone on their hip at home? I may be a bit of a geek, but even I’m not quite that bad.

So I need two cases for my iPhone? Is that so wrong?

Give the gift of words.