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Liquid enthusiasm lets me down

Have you ever had a three cup day turn into a five cup day and you still found yourself doing the Monday morning head bob? My caffeine intake this morning is fast approaching obsessive/compulsive – if it hasn’t long surpassed it – and I’m still having some serious consciousness issues. I’ve even pulled out my big gun: black, dark, extra-bold, and strong enough to dull the glaze on a new mug.

I’ve had enough caffeine to turn an elephant into a four-year-old child with ADHD and an empty bottle of No-doze. But me? Still nothing. I might as well be drinking tap water (fortified with diuretics).

Maybe the google monster has something to say about high blood sugar and caffeine. Maybe I really need to see a nutritionist, like Cheryl’s been saying/nagging/badgering. It’s a good thing words don’t generally do as much harm as heavy objects in my house.

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Give the gift of words.