It’s nothing earth shattering. I did what a lot of folks do over the holidays. We ate a lot of food and did a lot of playing with the kids.

Here’s some real excitement for you: Publication 15 was released by the IRS just before the holiday weekend! So I put in a little work too. It wasn’t much. I saved it for those times when Beth was doing homework. She’s got a big project due when she goes back to school. Didn’t you hate teachers who assigned homework during the holidays?

Just in case you’re not on my list (maybe you were at one point, but I somehow bumped you off, and you didn’t get an email from me), I’ve updated my child support spreadsheet.

You can find it here.

One last thing. Wether you’re here for the spreadsheet or not, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, and there’s a bright, hopeful new year ahead.

Give the gift of words.