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Many, MANY thanks

Like many of you we’ve had some money worries. With Cheryl down to her last week of saved up sick leave, her doctors saying she’ll be out of work until at least April, the bills mounting, attorneys not taking our calls anymore, and the odious application process for disability insurance (private mind you) taking FOREVER (it’s way more complicated than it should be), we’ve been a little concerned about our revenue stream.

I’m pleased to say we’re not so worried anymore. One of Cheryl’s coworkers just donated 400 hours of sick leave, and that was before her HR department got around to advertising a request for donated hours. In case you’re not aware, State of Florida employees (when they’re “vested” ) are eligible to cash in one quarter of the value of their sick leave when they leave. Needless to say, 400 hours is potentially a lot of money – even at one quarter of the value.

I hear the person in question is thinking about leaving anyway, and may not have any use for the hours. Still, we are humbled and grateful. I don’t know this person, but if you’re out there you have my sincerest thanks. You’re a bright spot in what can be (at times) a cynical world.

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