More than good enough

Around mid-day today I sat alone in my cubicle. With the aid of a carefully placed set of rabbit ears, EyeTV, and my trusty PowerBook, I watched the 44th President take the oath of office and give the world his first official address as President of the United States.

At first it felt like it could have been better. I could have been around those I love. I could have been sharing this moment in history in the company of those who appretiate it as much as I do.

Then I imagined Cheryl sitting at home. I saw a tweet or two from my cousin. I thought about some of you – some of whom I’ve traded quick messages. I thought about that crowd, and the address sunk in. I felt optimistic. I felt empowered.

We all made this happen. We’ll keep making it happen.

I don’t feel alone anymore.

It’s a great day.

Give the gift of words.