Surgery set

It’s official: Cheryl’s having surgery on Feb 12th to fuse two of the vertebrae in her neck. The doctor had some encouraging news. The procedure he described requires less recovery time than some of the others we’ve heard about.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a good thing, if he’s giving bad advise, or practicing bad medicine. But he comes highly recommended from several sources. My sister hadn’t heard of the procedure, but she can be excused, in this one case. Pediatric nephrology probably doesn’t get around to the spine very often ;-)

In the mean time, our prayers are with a member of my small family who’s having heart bypass surgery today.


  1. Dear John

    From what I’ve understood, it’s “minimally invasive” microsurgery and he is well versed in it. Very good state-of-the-art stuff, and the hospital is also highly rated.

    Still, my prayers will be with you all.

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