Back in the hospital

Naturally, the first song to pop up on a random play of the songs on my phone would be “Hymn to the Fallen.”

Hospitals have been a benign place most of my life. While not exactly money in the pocket of a forgotten pair of jeans, it hasn’t been the center for suffering and death it can be for others. Growing up I had my share of stitches, broken bones, and dislocated hips. The best was the time broke my leg and dislocated my hip… and passed out when they relocated it (at the tender age of four). But all of those trips involved fixing things… making existing pain go away.

That’s changed a bit in the last few years. Heart attacks, miscarriages, loneliness, and false alarms have given me that sense of dread other people feel.

Sure, there have been really, really good times too, but we’re not bringing any children into the world today.

I got the call on the courtesy phone a few minutes ago. Cheryl’s surgery has started. It’s a routine surgery. Her doctor has “done hundreds of them.” If I’d been here for all of them I might feel a little better about it too.


  1. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. I am home now and already feeling better. John is pampering me and giving me lots of ice cream for my sore throat. I am really glad to be out of the hospital.

  2. Sending well wishes for a quick surgery and speedy healing. Check out the cafeteria … hospital food usually rocks these days. All the best and thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

  3. Hi John:
    I miss seeing Cheryl drop by my Demon Baby blog. Please give her my wishes for a speedy recovery . . . and you have my wishes that the stress eases once you see her wheeled out of that OR and doing OK.


  4. Hi John,

    Prayers and good wishes are coming your way. I wish her the speediest of recoveries… and I’m wishing you the good cafeteria coffee.

  5. Hey John, My prayers that Cheryl’s surgery works out perfectly fine and that she is all better real soon!


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