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Music memory

I was lost for a year and a half after high school, that dark time when the object of my high school crush was dating someone else, a hundred and fifty miles away. I spent many nights in my dorm listening to something from U2… huddled under a small lamp with a stack of paper, a fountain pen, and my sadness.

A random play through the music library on my PowerBook brought up With or Without You, and I was back in my old room at UF.

Unlike that time, I haven’t been writing much lately. I can blame a few things, but among other things – Cheryl’s taking her pain better than me. She’s truly my better half.

As it turns out, I’m happy “with.”

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  1. She is a “trooper” John, and a true angel who has my highest respect.

    Some time ago, I made a schism in definitions between pretty and beautiful when applied to humanity (specifically the female of our species) … pretty is external, BEAUTY radiates from the soul.

    You are the luckiest husband I know. I’m so glad that you appreciate her!

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