She’s 38

I have a much longer post written (in my head) tentatively titled “state of the Kauffmans,” but it will have to wait until a time when it’s not past my bedtime.

Until then, know that Cheryl’s recovery is going as planned, and she enjoyed a little get together with our parents to celebrate her birthday. (She was a little nervous about me wearing my Obama campaign shirt with her parents coming over, but I was itching for a little political dust-up… low key of course).

A couple pics from this evening:
Cheryl's Birthday
from left to right: my dad, Cheryl, Beth, Adam, and me.

She's gonna blow!
incision promently on display (you’re welcome!), Cheryl gets read to blow. By the way, the cupcakes were her idea.

More to follow soon. It’s been an eventful couple of weeks.


  1. Hi Stephen, Beth thought the same thing. There was a good 36 hours after Cheryl came home before Beth could look up without shielding her eyes.

    And Becca! Was that a lucky guess or do you have an eye for cupcakes? Costco has become THE place for baked goods around here (supplanting the former champion, Publix, a grocery chain based in Florida). I’ve often wondered if Costco was a Canadian company. (Though not so much that I’ve bothered to look it up.) When ever I drive past (which is all the freakin’ time, considering it shares a parking lot with the Super Target next to my office), about half the cars in the lot (during the winter) seem to have Ontario plates.

    And the cupcakes were good. WAY TOO GOOD, if you know what I mean ;-)

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