Cheryl speaks

Cheryl posted a couple comments to the last posts, in reply to the thoughts, good wishes, and prayers sent her way. I’m reposting them here to give them the visibility they’re due (and because one reflects well on me).

Thank you all for your good wishes and virtual lasagna. I just got home and am already feeling better. I have discovered they don’t let you sleep in the hospital, so now I can actually rest. The best part is I have to eat a lot of ice cream to keep the swelling in my neck down. That’s my kind of rehabilitation.

(note: this is the one I’m fond of…)

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. I am home now and already feeling better. John is pampering me and giving me lots of ice cream for my sore throat. I am really glad to be out of the hospital.

She’s sleeping now, probably due to a combination of lack of sleep, compazine, and Vicodin.

The doctor (and Cheryl too I suppose) is encouraged by the disappearance of all the pre-op pain. The post-op pain is another matter, but that should go away, so we’re very hopeful.

Throughout these last few months, several folks have helped Cheryl more than just pass the time. Some of you have shared the funny things your kids do and say, the challenges of raising creative children, your passions for important causes, and your thoughts on religion (a novena comes to mind). You’ve drawn Cheryl into a world she hadn’t anticipated enjoying so much: the blogoshpere.

She’s already said it, but I’ll say it again… this time from from the husband who’s enjoyed seeing her find joy despite the discomfort.

Thanks. Thank you all.


  1. I’m happier than you can imagine John,… tearfully happy for the success that was an answer to all our prayers.
    Cheryl is the most beautiful soul I have yet to know; you are so lucky to be so close to her.

    Love to your family!

  2. This is good news, and we’re very happy to read it!

    Yay Cheryl! And Yay John!

    By the way, Kristina makes the very best lasagna — virtual or otherwise — that I’ve ever had. (And, if truth be told, I think I’ve helped her make it ever better). You’d never guess it was vegetarian. I think she should write a cook book, and call it: Everyone Brings Something to the Party.

    And by the way, the blogosphere works both ways. A few wonderful notes over the last month from your wonderful wife have helped me keep my chin up through a horrible year, so Kristina and I are doubly thankful for your friendship. :-)

    Rest now.

  3. She wonders whether she should get a bell to ring when she needs personal attention, but I think a squirrel call would be more fun.

    I’m glad things worked out. Both of us are glad.

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