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Ass Mac

Ass Mac sm.jpgWhat would you do if your wife told you there were too many computers in the house? Could you bring yourself to get rid of a few? What if they were more than just computers… but Macs? So what if they’re just taking up space, or the bedroom is beginning to look like a storage shed. These little guys are members of the family. You don’t kick family out of the house when they stop being useful, do you?

O.K., maybe you shouldn’t answer that one.

Besides, the Ruby fella has some life left. He’s faster than the lime in Adam’s room. I’m just waiting for the right time to do a transfer. I won’t mind taking the lime in for recycling – he’s more of a boarder than family (he grew up somewhere else).

My bondi-blue baby isn’t going anywhere though. That’s where I draw the line. Think of all the good times we had together. We made the first version of this web site together. He hosted another version on his own hard drive. Giving him up would be like bringing a puppy back to the pound. I can’t do it.

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