Why you always backup your stuff

I’ve got a post I’ve been working on for a couple days now, off and on (doing a lot of thumb typing on the phone in my spare moments). There’s a picture I wanted to include in the post, but I thought it was lost. It’s a favorite of mine, taken back in the dark ages when people used something called “film” which you then had “developed,” giving you your pictures – a racket not unlike the printer market these days.

We’ve got way too many prints for albums, so we have photo boxes instead. I’ve had this picture out of the box many times, and one time I misplaced it.

Anyway, this afternoon I had this hazy notion I might have scanned it and put it up on one of my early web sites – sites I have backed up, along with nearly every other bit and byte I’ve come across, on spindles of meticulously indexed CDs. Alright, maybe meticulous isn’t quite the right word. It took me a while to find it – but I did find it.

It’s a picture from my last visit to the Kauffman family farm in Pennsylvania. It was the summer of 1991, and I was about to start my third year at UF. I’m the guy in the Hard Rock Chicago T-Shirt on the left, goofing with my great-uncle Raymond (who was great in every way). If only I’d known it would go missing… I’d have a much better scan. But this is infinitely better than nothing.

Part of me wants to wait and post it with my work in progress, where the context will be richer, but I’m too impatient. I teared up when I found it (about twenty minutes ago). Even if no one cares but me, here it is:


I’ll do the introductions a little later.

Give the gift of words.