Paging Mr Beck

The Communist take-over plot thickens!

This year, Public Service Recognition Week will be held the week of May first. That’s right comrades, May Day!

Well, not exactly – it’s May 3 – 9, 2010, but when has a little thing like facts stopped The Crazy (TM) in this country?

If you’d like your “Ask me about your own secret socialist take-over club T-Shirt” shirt, drop me a line through the normal encrypted channels, and I’ll see if I can hook you up.

Otherwise, don’t be afraid to give a civil servant a great big hug. We promise not to indoctrinate you – this week anyway.

We’re plotting for the future, not this week.

Muah, ha, ha, ha!!!


(Skeered, ya, did I?)

Give the gift of words.