Christine Eldin

If you’re human, someone’s death touches you differently when it’s someone who’s crossed your path. Chris Eldin and I were not friends, and if asked before her passing, she would probably not recognize my name. But for those of you who do know me, that shouldn’t be a big surprise – I tend to be more of a lurker than contributor. However, I did know of Chris and a friend’s message recalling her passing, received earlier this morning, hit me harder than I would have thought – though a fair bit of time has passed. (She passed away in 2012.)

Please consider visiting the site below, which pursues two worthy goals:

  1. Honor a person who will be missed by many.
  2. Provide recognition and financial assistance to an unpublished middle grade fiction writer whose work-in-progress reveals potential for a successful writing career.

Christine Eldin Memorial Fellowship

A lot us together doing little things, can do great things. Please consider doing this one small thing.

Give the gift of words.