To my friends on Facebook

I haven’t been around in a while and I won’t be. I won’t say never but it may be a long time.

You may be familiar with the Facebook scandal a few months back, regarding social research conducted on a large number of accounts (i.e. us). I’m not going to rehash the case for or against Facebook and it’s alleged right to conduct such research. I haven’t re-read the terms of service and have no desire to do so. I’m simply telling those of you who may be listening – I’ve opted out.

This isn’t a protest. I’m not asking, suggesting or hoping any of you do the same. I have my own, personal reasons why I needed to “opt out,” and I’ll leave it at that.

I know, I was barely there before, so what’s the difference? I like to think I had my moments even if they weren’t consistent.

I’m not deleting my account, so I may pop up to wish you a happy birthday, but please don’t take my absence as ambivalence. You all are reasons to stay around – big reasons. You make this decision hard, and ultimately will be the reason I’ll probably be back.

If you really want to punish yourself, you can come back and visit the blog. I hope to start updating it more regularly – if for no other reason than therapy (way to make the hard sell, eh ;-)

Where ever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope you are well.



Give the gift of words.