Bringin’ the bacon to work

I like crispy pig meat as much as the next guy, but after a while it gets old. After a year or two it gets really old. Truth be told, I was never really crazy for the stuff.

It turns out my office is next door to a deli that dabbles in breakfast. I don’t really have an office anymore, so corral might be a better word. But wether they’re serving breakfast or lunch, they seem to conjure up a reason to serve up a steady diet of fried pig fat all day, much to my nose’s delight.

Yum! Can I get me some more!

I’ll have to ask Cheryl if my clothes smell like fast food when I get home.

I’ve heard that the sense of taste is related, if not in some cases tied, to the sense of smell. Which brings me to this half-baked idea/concern:

Is second hand smell of fried pig fat bad for you?