Those of you who know about my skating probably thought this post was going to be different. In order to satisfy your blood-lust, I’ll tell you: the thumb still hurts.

There! Are you happy now?!?

No, the true purpose is to announce a friend’s new book, now available at Amazon. You already know from my hobbies that my judgement is gold, so go pick up a copy or three. AND, if you haven’t read his first book… well, do I even have to say it?

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Good heart, bad heartburn

Good news people!

Come on, how often to you hear those words come from my lips? I’m the human downer. Women shield their children’s eyes and run screaming the other way when they see me coming.

That’s a true story by the way (no it isn’t).

This morning, minutes before I typed this in fact (but after I called Cheryl – can’t have the wife thinking I love my blog more than her), I learned my echocardiogram was normal. You combine that with the results of my stress/nuclear medicine test and it seems my heart is healthy and strong.

It does make the chronic heartburn a more likely candidate, but I chew up GERD and spit it out like spoiled milk.

Ugh, that simile was a huge mistake. I think I may have nightmares. Excuse me, I think I’ll go verify a few expiration dates.