Rocket camp

Lift OffBeth is enrolled in “college for kids,” a summer program run by a local college. She spends the mornings in a full immersion spanish class.

Sounds like a blast right?

No, that doesn’t come until the afternoon.

Rocket camp.

The teacher even refers to himself as “Captain.”

O.K., I think that’s a little weird, but he seems like a nice guy, and he’s a really enthusiastic teacher.

This evening we went to our first big launch event. All of the kids and their families were invited to see the rockets they’d built (so far) reach for the heavens. It was an hour or so before sunset and it had been cloudy/raining all day so it was nice and cool – a perfect evening to be outside (for summer anyway).

I don’t think Beth could have been any happier. It was a great night to be a father… seeing my kid having such a good time… such a contrast to this last school year. I wish I could bottle this moment, when everything seems right in the world. Just a sip every now and again could do me a world of good.