Our twentieth year online!




Let’s try this again. I hope this will be everything it would have been yesterday.

I’ve got some big, site related news! As of December 1st, 2016, our site has been in it’s twentieth year of operation! No, we’re not twenty yet. That doesn’t happen until December of this year, but by then I’d only get one magical month were the copyright notice said: 1997 – 2017… AND I got to hang that big 20 up for everyone to see on the homepage.

Don’t get me started on counting. I’m a self-starter, I can do it myself. NOTE: if you’re not up for a digression/rant on how we count years, skip to the end of the rant. You’ll know it when you see it.

Why does “I’m twenty” have to mean I’ve finished 20 years? Why do we have a quick shorthand for every age EXCEPT the year between the day we were born and the first anniversary of our birth?

“Weren’t you two back when that happened?”

Oh no. I was… let me see. What’s the best mathematical equation to represent my age? X < 1, where X = my age in completed years? I have no idea how many months it was. I think mom said I was crawling around that time, so maybe somewhere between 7 and 11 months? Infant doesn’t seem right, but toddler seems too old. Eff me! I give up.

“Umm, ok. Let me see if Cheryl needs any help in the kitchen.”

But we’re at a bar. What would Cheryl be doing in the kitchen here? She’s at home.

“Yeah, I know.”

See! You don’t need that kind of awkwardness in your life. I know I sure don’t. Why isn’t the day of your birth the first birthday? It’s only the reason you’re here, so I guess it’s ok not to count that one… AT ALL! Further, I think it’s high time we changed the language of age. Talking about how many years old you are stopped being cool at twenty-five. I don’t know about you, but I’d be willing to give up a year if I could say: “it’s my 46th year,” rather than saying “I’m 45 years old.” Is it any wonder so many folks don’t want to talk about their age, when most of the time they’re asked the word “old” comes up, either in the question or in the answer?


So, twenty. Right?!? It’s been cool, even if I haven’t done much posting on the blog the last few years. If I ever find my old back-ups (I have three spindles of CDs – somewhere) I may share the original site I created with Adobe PageMill, BBEdit, and Graphic Converter (on one of the original Bondi-Blue iMacs no less), which appeared on AOL’s servers for a time. The absolute best was when I hosted it from a server running at home, geeking out on home networks/security, Movable Type, and managing a few different flavors of databases. Running much of my current site from a hosting service with WordPress almost feels like cheating.

Before Facebook there was blogging, and many (if not most) of my Facebook/Twitter friends are holdovers from blogging, or folks I met through blogging. This site gave me an outlet, introduced me to people with backgrounds I never would have crossed paths without it, broadened my world-view, and made me a better person.

Because of this site, and one post in particular, I often win google. I’m purposely not naming it again – I already get too many hits from those search terms, but if you drop the “beware of” and do a search for the remaining words in that title, I’m almost always top five in a google search. I joke with friends that I’m the world’s fourth-foremost expert on the subject. Though, results of your searches may vary, due to location. Further, I don’t expect most of you to be impressed. Even with this lofty achievement (for a guy like me), I bet most of you would blow me away.

Anyhoo, I’d like to thank both of you for sticking around through the lean times.


Ahead of schedule

Oh you few, you lucky few. Some of you are seeing this post ahead of schedule. My projects aren’t supposed to work like this. My rule of thumb is to take my first guess of how long it will take, and take that number to the third power.

Or, that’s what Cheryl would have you believe, once I explained the math to her. Ouch! Score one for the husband who will be sleeping in his car for the next month!

Here’s the scoop. I’ve been doing business with dirty, slow-daddy, relying on them to host this site for the last three years. (I was in the hospital, spiking fevers, popping pain meds, and pumping chemo when I signed up, so my judgement was impaired. I hope this earns me a pass.) They’ve been reliable, and I can’t really blame them for the speed – not on a shared server, low cost plan. I can blame them for their marketing practices, and the strange vibe I get watching the CEO’s video podcasts that leave me feeling like I need a shower. But momentum kept me there – that and the dread of switching to another host: moving thousands of files, a database, configuring WordPress to find the new location of its database, making sure all of my redirects work on the new server. I imagined slogging through all that data felt like trying to stop Genghis Khan and his merry band with a wicked sharp tooth pick.

Six months ago I decided I’d give Host Gator a try, once my contract with GoDaddy was about to expire. Host Gator offers to move the data on your old host to their servers for you, free – though no guarantees. But I figured if they could get me most of the way there I could handle a little bit of tweaking. Well guess what? My account with GoDaddy expires in a month, so I placed my order. I didn’t even have to tweak. They even went in and reconfigured my WordPress config file to point to the new database location, and they did all of it in a matter of hours… on a Saturday.

I popped over to GoDaddy to point my domain name to the new name servers and waited. It can take a few days for the DNS (domain name servers) around the world to catch up to the changes – meaning some of you will still be directed to the old server, while the rest are here at the new one.

Hoo-Ray for you!

I didn’t find out the DNS I use (I’m sure your sitting on the edge of your seat, pencil and paper at the ready – Open DNS), had switched over until somewhat late last night.

So for those of you who have found me at my new host – welcome to my new home!