Betrayed by circadian rythm

I really wanted to sleep in this morning, mostly because I was up rather late last night. Trouble is, my body has developed this nasty habit of following a set schedule, regardless of context.

As troubling as this sounds, it pales in comparison to a dream and my reaction to it. In my dream it was Monday morning and I was at my office. I was looking through my desk to see if I’d left my torx screwdriver there. I had and I found it.

Then I woke up.

I had one of those moments of disorientation following a vivid dream. Still not thinking clearly, enough of the fog lifted to realize it wasn’t Monday after all… but Sunday, and I was disappointed.

That’s right friends, half asleep in a warm bed, I was disappointed it wasn’t Monday.

I’m more convinced than ever that something is terribly wrong with me.