The agony of uncertainty.

Last week I mentioned my dismay at prematurely parting with $700 (due to car repairs). Last Thursday it got better (that is supposed to be an example of sarcasm). I was driving home from the office when my car showed signs of disfunction. The symptoms screamed maladjustment to me, so I was initially hoping to get the problem fixed free of charge. I called the mechanic and reported my feelings, so it would get the proper care the next morning. The mechanic did not seem to share my views, and stated his belief that another repair bill was in my immediate future. I was not a happy camper. Worse, I was so sure of my uneducated beliefs that I was certain I was about to be had. Cheryl and I spent the better part of twenty-four hours waiting for our fears to be realized: that we could not trust our formerly trustworthy mechanic. I was one part angry and three parts depressed. Relief was mine when we found out there was no charge. Now the question is this: is it better to for your mechanic to be dishonest or negligent?