We interrupt this message.

The doctor’s office is normally a quiet place to write, but not today. Since I am unable to concentrate on anything else, lets talk about what is going on here. There is a gentleman sitting two seats down that is imploring everyone to pray. “We should pray for…” – the topics vary. That things will go back to the way they were twenty years ago … that terrorists won’t strike back … that everyone will have a son as wonderful as mine … that the “crazed lunatic” will go quickly and with little bloodshed ….
I’m trying not to find fault with the guy, he’s just voicing his opinions. I just wish he wouldn’t do it so loudly. I could hear him over a vacuum cleaner. Not long ago I saw a nurse appear at the front desk. I am here often enough to know that she is not normally there. She was just looking at this gentleman. Then she turns to me with a look that says, “I’ll bet you wish you had a muzzle.”