Working from home.

One thing that makes it easier for me to stay home with Beth is that I can usually do some work at home. Let me tell you, working from home is kind of like mowing the lawn. It’s really cool when your father let’s you do it for the first time, and afterwards you wish you had never asked. My problem is that I’m a little too comfortable at home. When you were in school, where did you do most of your studying? Myself, I did most of it at school. Libraries were really quiet, but they were always really uncomfortable. I think that’s what kept me awake. At home, I could get in about fifteen good minutes of reading – followed almost immediately by an hour long nap. I can avoid falling asleep while I work at home, but I can almost hear my bed calling to me. “Come here John … you’re a little cool, aren’t you John? … I’ll bet you’d feel nice and warm under my sheets John …. Imagine how soft my mattress would feel, how soothing my pillows would feel underneath your head … Come on John, you’ve worked long enough, you’ve got plenty of leave to cover a couple of hours worth of sleep.” Come to think of it, I’m feeling a little tired now.