I was a little disturbed at the sight. My arms were side by side in my lap, and they didn’t look the same. Bilateral symmetry is something most people find attractive in a person, so you can understand my disappointment over losing a piece of mine. What on earth would make one arm more tan than the other? And then it hit me… I’ve been driving my car without the services of my air conditioner. What does this have to do with one arm being more tan? Those of you out there that have already made the connection are free to laugh at me now (not that anything stopped you before). We all know what a farmer tan is, but are you familiar with “trucker tan”. What the hell am I talking about? If I told you that glass blocks ultraviolet light, would that help? Every evening for the last few months I have been driving home with one arm casually perched in the open window of my car. My drive home takes me north, so the sun shines down through the driver side window – onto my unsuspecting, exposed arm. What am I supposed to do now? I can’t go through my life like this, a two toned freak. No, I am not going to have my air fixed. I’ve been feeling rather cheap lately (debt will do that to you). No, I’m not going to roll up the window. I’d like to arrive alive. Take my arm out of the window? I guess I could use the extra hand. My car is a stick after all.