A failure to differentiate

Putting a label or some kind of mark on one of them would have been much too simple. No, the best way to tell the difference between the two outwardly identical computers was to put the one that didn’t work away. If you’re just keeping something for parts, you don’t need to keep it handy. Leave the one that works out on the floor of the family room – where it’s easy to get at.

What’s that? The one left out on the floor now doesn’t work either? Well that’s rotten luck. Might as well open them both up and pull anything that might be useful before we throw them out. I know, I know… but Cheryl will sooner sprout gills and run off with a handsome young tuna than allow us to keep two broken computers with no practical value.

Hold on a second… did we put the broken computer in storage because we didn’t need to get at it, or did we put the working one in storage so it wouldn’t get damaged on the family room floor? Holy identity crisis Batman, I don’t know which is which!

It turns out the rumors of my iMac’s demise were greatly exaggerated. All of my server software was still installed and operational.

Sure, I haven’t turned it on since I discovered it in working order (a week ago) – but we’re all breathing a little easier around these parts knowing that it’s ready when we need it. Except Cheryl… she’s just lost her reason to throw away a couple of computers.

HA HA! Foiled again!

Give the gift of words.