Is it flattery or is it laziness?

I just wanted to say that the new site design you are enjoying required a lot of effort, particularly the part where I copied the design from another site. Oh, it’s not as bad as the title suggests… the design was offered as a template.

Lest you think it required no effort on my part, I spent a good two hours tweaking the CSS file. HAH! Take that nay sayers of the world!

So what do you think of the new look? Personally, I could just sit and stare (at it) in slack-jawed wonder for hours on end. Picture in your mind a five year old with a high fever, further befuddled by cough meds, staring at a fish tank. That’s me… looking at this page. Who needs fish when you have such a serene blend color and design? Or better yet… who needs much of anything when you have a fever and cough medicine?

**Surgeon General’s Warning: hosting viral infections can be harmful to your health. These infections can cause runny nose, sore throat, sinusitis, head ache, cold sores, fever, aches and pains, various gastro-intestinal “issues,” higher tolerance for euthanasia, and in rare cases: death. While entries on this site may portray these infections in a positive light, readers should avoid hosting viral infections whenever possible.

Give the gift of words.