I’ll bet you never knew a holiday could cause so many problems

I’m so out of whack right now I almost don’t want to discuss it.

I did say ALMOST, didn’t I?

A mid-week holiday almost isn’t worth the trouble.

I did say ALMOST, didn’t I?

It all started on Sunday, just like the calendar says it should. Sunday morning went just as planned; I went to church, came home, took a nap. Then there was Sunday night. In a way it was Sunday night, but in another way it was Thursday night. I had to go to work the next morning, but there was only one working morning between me and a morning off. Monday was totally whack. Monday was equal parts Monday and Friday, and that’s the stuff of Rod Serling. Tuesday was nothing like Tuesday… more a bastard child of Saturday and Sunday (thanks in no small part to the Fourth of July Holiday). I was barely getting used to it being a kind of Saturday when I had to start thinking about getting to bed for work the next day. That’s just wrong. Everyone knows the Christian Sabbath is Sunday, and since I’m a good Christian (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) I almost had to take today off. Today is equal parts Wednesday and Monday (with just a splash of Sunday), with the forecast remaining the same (or at least similar) for tomorrow.

There will be no reprieve until Friday, and even then it will feel a little like Wednesday… but who the heck cares… it’ll be Friday.

On a side note: Word is pretty useless as a spell checker when a word is spelled correctly. Before you start slapping me around and calling me “Yogi,” lemme give you a hypothetical sentence and see if you can guess where and how I had made a mistake in this entry…

“Go forth and have fun; for the Fourth is meant to be festive.”

(Hint: the preceding sentence contains no intentional errors; grammar, spelling, punctuation, nor any of their close relatives.)

Give the gift of words.