Ode to sitters past

On second thought, I’m a tad tired for poetry. This will have to do.

This past week was a bit sad for a couple different reasons. Nothing cataclysmic mind you, just run-of-the-mill melancholy. The most obvious reason was Beth’s forthcoming return to school. Beth had a hard year last year and I hoped (not just for my sake) that this year would be better. But the end of summer vacation was something we could see coming for months (years even), so it wasn’t a big surprise. The news that Adam’s part-time sitter was sitting on a lucrative offer to become un-retired on the other hand… was a surprise. We’ve been blessed with top-notch daycare for Adam, and we’ve known it. Knowing it and facing a loss of it was hard to swallow. How do you react to that? How do you tell someone you’re happy for their good fortune, and sad for the loss of their presence in your son’s life, without one of them sounding like a lie?

As a graduate of the John Kerry School of Personality*, I suspect I didn’t do a very good job.

*So sayeth the resident bitter Democrat (that would be me).

Give the gift of words.