Grocery update

I’ve come to the point in my week when our stores of name-brand products have run dry. I’m almost exclusively down to the generic alternatives I bought on Friday, following my most recent fiscal epiphany. First let me say that anyone who claims generic tastes the same as brand either never tried both, is lying, or is incapable of picking sugar out of a line-up of artificial sweeteners. The difference in taste is inescapable… to my persnickety palate anyway. However, that’s not really the point, is it? Just because something tastes different doesn’t mean it’s better or worse, and this is the crux of the issue. Has switching to generic brand foods affected my quality of life?

I’m not sure yet; and therein lies the rub on this entry… its not really much of an update if I don’t have anything new to say, is it?

Give the gift of words.