Bad to worse

The ill-conceived placement with the assisted living facility came to an abrupt end this morning. We got a call from the facility reporting that our family member was “out of control,” wandering the halls breaking lamps, overturning furniture, and upsetting the other residents. My dad left straight away, telling them he’d be there soon to pick her up, with no idea where we were going to take her next.

When he got there, a police car was waiting outside… with my mother in the back seat.

I am at once depressed, discouraged, tired, and enraged. What the F&%$ was the hospital thinking when they placed her at such a facility? Weren’t they listening when we brought her into the emergency room? Were they taking notes of ANY kind while she was there? And what the F&%$ was the ALF thinking taking a patient that so clearly needed more care than they could give? Didn’t they see from the first night that she was going to require too much care?

What the F&%$ are we going to do now? The psych ward beds are no less full than they were six days ago. She’s still too old for the major non-profit, inpatient psych facility in the area. Her F&%$ing psychiatrist is still not returning our calls. F&%$ing health insurance is still useless (until next year). My prescription for Xanax may need to be refilled… that or I may need to take up drinking.

I think a politician against universal heath coverage should be required to take her in for a week.

Give the gift of words.