Part three

In case you’re one of the folks I haven’t told in person, Adam’s appointment with the neurosurgeon went as expected. The cysts in his brain are not cause for concern, as long as there are no symptoms. The doctor was kind and patient, and Cheryl left with a good impression, and less anxiety.

Can you ask for anything more from a doctor visit?

Although she didn’t think Adam had any neurological problems, she wanted to schedule him for a bone scan. She was intrigued by Adam’s complaints about back pain, and spent a good portion of the visit following up on what we’d done about Adam’s back… going so far as pulling up Adam’s MRI results from last month, and offering another opinion. Mind you, we weren’t there to discuss Adam’s back. We were seeing a specialist about the cysts in his brain. Adam’s back only came up because of the doctor’s general inquiry (presumably trying to be thorough).

I wasn’t there myself, so I don’t have a firm grasp on what she’s fishing for with the bone scan, but she apparently didn’t imply that it was anything serious. She apparently thought it was interesting that none of the tests he’d had so far showed anything… despite the fact that a three year old could describe his discomfort in such detail, and so consistently (suggesting it wasn’t made up).

Jeez! Considering all the problems my kids have had, if this keeps up I’m going to qualify for Superfund money to clean up my DNA.


  1. Thanks Richard. I’ll tell you, my discipline was shot. Although, after a good 18 hours or so of obsessing I was able to (mostly) put it behind me… and wait to see if we really had something to worry about. My sister and my brother-in-law were a big help too.

    Beth’s got a pretty good head on her shoulders, so I wasn’t too worried she’d make the right computer decision (though it made for a fun post to write). What I really should have written about was how good it felt when Beth seemed to absorb and embrace what I was showing her. We’ve done lots of things together, but we’re usually alternating between things that interest us. I like to kick a soccer ball around, so we’ll go out back and knock it around for a while. Or we’ll play a game on the Wii that she likes. Or maybe we’ll take a hike out to the park, or see if anyone’s playing at the Blue Jays’ facility next door (their Spring Training home, and the site for a lot of amateur tournaments year round).

    This was cool because even when I left to do some work around the house, she kept at it… for hours. Since then it’s been something we’ve talked a lot about. It’s just plain cool to spend time with your kids, doing stuff that you both like; and it was kind of a surprise (though I’m not sure why) to find one of those things in an iLife app. It was reaffirming in so many ways.

  2. Great news, John!

    I try not to worry about things until you have something definite to worry about, but hearing them say something like they said about Adam has to prey on your mind, no matter good your discipline.

    And congrats to Beth on the new web site, and for choosing the right computer platform. You must be very proud!

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