With appologies to my cold weather friends*

It’s too friggin hot! For crying out loud, it’s February. We should have had at least one good freeze, even on the coast. I think we had one night where they were worried they might have to ice down the strawberries in Plant City, but I don’t think it happened.

Why am I griping now? I just looked up the weather for the week, and discovered that tonight is supposed to be our coldest this week… a bone chilling 55F. Even in Florida it’s supposed to cool off a little more than this (mid to high 70’s during the day). If it’s this warm in February, what is it going to be like this summer?

I know that just because it seems a little warmer this winter, it’s not necessarily a sign of global warming (just like if we have a cold March, it’s not a sign that we’re off the hook). However, Cheryl and I were talking about the city pool and how they don’t put up the bubble anymore. When we were kids, they used to have a big inflatable dome they’d blow up over the pool to keep things warmer. As we got older they put it up less and less, and now that we think about it… I’m not sure it’s been up in ten years (not that I’ve seen anyway).

There could be a good reason for it that has nothing to do with warmer temperatures (like money for one). But after a sweaty, February afternoon on the water, it makes me wonder a little.

*My cousin’s just getting back to Wisconsin after a trip to the Caribbean, so I’d imagine he’d have no problem exporting a little cold… if he could.

Give the gift of words.