Yeah, what he said

I’m not a big Andrew Sullivan fan, but I’m with him on this one (a couple days ago):
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan:

For me, this surreal moment – like the entire surrealism of the past ten days – is not really about Sarah Palin or Barack Obama or pigs or fish or lipstick. It’s about John McCain. The one thing I always thought I knew about him is that he is a decent and honest person. When he knows, as every sane person must, that Obama did not in any conceivable sense mean that Sarah Palin is a pig, what did he do? Did he come out and say so and end this charade? Or did he acquiesce in and thereby enable the mindless Rovianism that is now the core feature of his campaign?
So far, he has let us all down. My guess is he will continue to do so. And that decision, for my part, ends whatever respect I once had for him.

It’s not just about the pig thing, but a week’s worth of statements and ads that are deliberate lies. It’s funny how some of our friend’s in the GOP accuse Obama of a willingness to say anything to be elected. McCain’s just making stuff up.

Give the gift of words.