Adam bomb

Maybe it’s his small body. Maybe it’s just hardwired into a four year old boy.

Adam is showing an early flair for maneuvering, pattern recognition, and tactics. I think he’s worked out every long approach to a padded landing in the house. “Adam, no running!” comes out of my mouth on autopilot, like “God bless you” when someone sneezes. It comes out a fraction of a second before his body makes impact. Sometimes I’m the target. Sometimes it’s a piece of furniture, or an unsuspecting (large) stuffed animal. He is afraid of the dark, but he’ll run across two rooms and launch his body at full speed, head first, into a Lazy Boy – sending boy and chair sliding across the floor into the wall.

He’s still a little big for his age, my ribs can vouch for his conditioning, and he’s signed up for soccer this winter.

Fellow parents, I pray for your children.


  1. My father-in-law was a jock in high school (football, baseball, boxing). He couldn’t be prouder. He sees it as divine providence his grandson is going to be a middle linebacker for the Gators, and he tells everyone he meets.

  2. LOL. My son used to be a major head-butter. Drove me nuts. Thank heavens he grew out of it since no amount of reprimanding stopped him. He was such a gentle kid in every other way that it seemed so out-of-character for him. It must be that testosterone thing!

  3. I’ve seen a reality type of show on TV called, Supernanny which would be a great series for parents, grandparents and so on to watch.

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