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Plans change

Seventeen years ago today, on another Saturday afternoon, Cheryl and I got married. Unfortunately, I got sick the night after our wedding and we spent our honeymoon in the ER. I spent it doing unmentionable things with the contents of my stomach.

Today, all these years later, we spent the day in a familiar spot – a hospital – this time with Adam as he had his ailing appendix out.

I’d say the day is cursed, but I’d be exaggerating.

Me? Exaggerate? I know!

We’ve had many wonderful years in between, and we have no reason to believe we won’t have many more wonderful years to come.

Adam is in great spirits after his surgery, pointing out all the cool stuff he has in his room, and plugged into his body explaining to me what they all do. Cheryl and I are happy.

Who needs a grand celebration when we have a great life to live?

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