What do I want to say?

I have been toying with the idea of registering my own domain name. It’s a vanity thing. There is very little practical use for it, considering my needs (none). I always just thought it would be cool. Yes, I’ve talked about this already in this space. Yes, I’ve talked about it with my wife even more. Every time it comes down to the same thing, it’s more money for a hobby, with not a lot of value added. Cheryl asks me, “what is so bad with http://homepage.mac.com/johnkauffman?”

Nothing, I guess, but you can’t ignore the cool factor of a name of your own choosing… “www.johnkauffman.net”, “www.underpaid.com”, “www.warmblooded.net”, or “www.beingmyself.org”. Can I resist this latest temptation? Stay tuned.