Lost in shadow

I saw a newish Caddy yesterday when I was driving home with Adam from Meh-may’s house (insert standard French disclaimer here). It was one of those STS jobs that’s all the rage these days. It had a silver hood, chrome grill… and no bumper. I thought to myself, “that’s a damn shame, wasting a perfectly good Caddy like that.” As we drew closer and passed each other I saw the two-tone paint job: silver on top (possibly gray) and black from the door handles down. It was then that I noticed the bumper… it was there after all, painted black like the bottom half of the car.

From the side, the two-tone looked tres chic. It’s too bad the color scheme makes it look like the car belongs up on blocks in front of a mobile home (from the front). That particular shade of black looked like a perfect shadow, making the bumper virtually disappear (from a distance).

It kinda makes you want to go out and get onyx caps for your front teeth, for that “I’ve taken one too many shots to the face” look.

Give the gift of words.