Don’t try to bring that weak (stuff) in my house!

It looks like today is the big day… the day James Baker and the Senior Singers release their album of Middle East greatest hits. After having the war up on the lift for a few months, it looks like Jimmy and the boys are going to recommend rotating the tires and driving home – eventually, at some time yet to be determined. Now that’s a bold move.

Speaking of weak (and shifting gears to issues near and dear to my palate) I won’t say other people’s coffee is weak, but after going through my wife’s bounty of fine gift grind, a merely mortal cup of joe tastes like someone rinsed whole beans in a colander and saved the run-off. On the other hand, my wife has suggested that my customary cup is capable of felling any earth-born land mammal (and there are some pretty big ones out there). It looks like I’m doomed to custom brew for the rest of my days. No more mass produced coffee for me!

Just one more reason it ain’t easy being me.

Give the gift of words.